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Fall 2013 London Fashion Week: Burberry Prorsum

19 Feb

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013

- By Nausheen Shah – Burberry Prorsum never seems to amaze London Town. Christopher Bailey and his team’s level of production is courageous to say the least.  Just about everyone fancy’s a ticket to their oversized greenhouse in Kensington Gore yet only a select few get to personally witness the next level of the British Powerhouse. [...]

Fall 2013 London Fashion Week: Matthew Williamson

19 Feb

Matthew Williamson Fall 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade – Autumn/winter 2013 marked a season of progression for Matthew Williamson, demonstrated by his unexpected use of smooth shapes, loose fits and geometric prints. His typical bohemia was saved for the collection of eclectic prints rather than throughout, instead, chunky knits and well-cut suits marked a fresh, youthful but considered silhouette. [...]

Fall 2013 London Fashion Week: Mary Katrantzou

19 Feb

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2013

- By Nausheen Shah – Winter calls for hibernation and reflection when the short days and colder weather slow down our daily momentum. Mary Katrantzou has clearly changed seasons and is using her Fall/Winter 2013 collection to challenge her ideals of color and silhouette for the Katrantzou woman. – Like many other great avant-garde designers [...]

Fall 2013 London Fashion Week: Unique

19 Feb

Unique Fall 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade – London’s creative heritage and fashion credentials set the tone for Topshop Unique’s autumn/winter 13 collection. Not only was the show space set in the Tate Modern this season, but also, homage was paid to the famed Brit-pop era, with just a little beatnik undertone. Carnaby Street stalwarts and the city’s [...]

Glam Tip: How to Appear More Confident

5 Oct


There are many things that make a person attractive; in fact, there are actual algorithms that claim to determine attractiveness by measuring “ideal” facial esthetics.  Lotions, potions, cremes and powders, all promising youth and beauty, make up what is a multi-billon dollar beauty and skincare industry.  But the best products, the latest clothes and shoes, even [...]

Glam Tip: Bauble TLC

18 Sep

OP Costume Jewelry

- It’s safe to bet that most of our sparkly statement jewelry isn’t made up of real diamonds, emeralds, and rubies (have you ever seen a real neon pink gem?). That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care for them as if they were the real deal. The Basics: Store costume jewelry in a cool, dry location [...]

Glam Tip: Resurrect The Necklace Graveyard

27 Sep

Broken Necklace

  We all have that corner of our jewelry boxes that hold the ghosts of necklaces past; The Necklace Graveyard. We can’t bring ourselves to throw them away, perhaps secretly hoping the necklace fairy will fix them while we sleep.  Unfortunately, no such fairy exists, but fixing them is easy – with the proper tools: [...]

Glam Tip: Bringing Cozy Back

25 Oct

Fluffy Sweaters

Though you may catch more flies with honey, vinegar will give new life to knitwear that’s been stored away all summer-long.   Simply add a few capfuls to the rinse cycle of your gentle wash to bring back the fluff to your cozy, chunky sweaters. – Photo courtesty of Mert and Marcus for Vogue, Sept [...]

Glam Tip: Strap Happy

4 Nov


While ultra-chic, clutches are not the most practical member of the handbag family.  Having a strap option -say, for when you’d like to hold anything other than your purse – is a beautiful thing.  But what if your favorite evening bag is without? Add one yourself (because choosing another purse is just nonsense). 1. Choose [...]

Glam Tip: Finding Your Skin Tone

9 Oct

OP Skin Tones

Your skin tone will determine everything from the shade of make-up you wear,  to the color of clothing that look best; even the color of those highlights that (ahem) “naturally” appear in your hair.  Yet incredibly, many people don’t actually know what tone their skin really is.  Often, we guess, using general factors like, “blonds [...]

Glam Tip: No-Slip Cami Grip

9 Nov

closet organization

Keeping one’s closet organized can be a full-time job in and of itself – between the winter wardrobe, the summer wardrobe, the transition pieces, and the “you never know’s”, it’s enough to make a girl take a hard look at a minimalist lifestyle (for about a minute).  Amongst those holding permanent, year round positions in [...]

Glam Tip: Have Them Hanging on Your Every Word

12 Oct

OP Talk to Anyone

We’ve all been there – you walk into a party, scan the room, and realize you don’t know a single person there. You may be tempted to turn around and run, or perhaps to stand in a corner, waiting for your “friend” to arrive (sighing dramatically and repeatedly glancing at your watch, of course).   [...]

Glam Tip: Strut Your Stuff

24 Sep

OP Walk Like a Model

We’ve all done a version of ‘the model walk’ at some point or another.  They’re usually either very over-exaggerated and meant in jest (the one you do in front of friends), or you’re trying to nail it for real, and you end resembling a gisele with an inner ear problem (the one you do when [...]

Glam Tip: Double Duty Cardigan

13 Sep


Always dependable, if a little boring, the cardigan is one of those wardrobe staples we all have in our closets. They’re our grab-and-go pieces; our “in case it gets chilly” after-thoughts – but they don’t have to be.  Pull them out of their corner-of-the-closet spot, and give your cardigans center stage by turning them into [...]

Glam Tip: Perfect Your Picture Pose

29 Nov

How to pose

  Ever wonder why some people look amazing in photos, whereas you look like someone accidentally used photo aging software? With profile pictures and tagged photos taking the place of real-life first impressions, a great shot is more important than ever (and we all know that once it’s online, it’s there forever). Though it’s true some [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera

12 Sep

Carolina Herrera Spring2013

-By Diana Minnocci- Carolina Herrera always features classic, ladylike glamour, and her Spring/Summer 2013 collection was no exception. The colors were incredible, beginning with the palest of pastels – sky blue, seafoam green, a universally flattering yellow hue, barely-there pink – and then came the brights – tomato red, citrus and pumpkin oranges, a brilliant, [...]

Snapped: NYFW Day 5

11 Sep


Hi Guys! I hope everyone is having a great evening! I’m wearing a Tommy Hilfiger top with a vintage skirt, shoes by Tibi, and my bag is Valentino. – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Joy Cioci

12 Sep

joy cioci spring 2013

- By Val Bitici – Walking into Joy Cioci’s Spring 2013 presentation was like being transported to a sandy, seaside world of lace, silk, pearls, and neoprene. Inspired by glamorous synchronized swimmers of the 1920s and 1930s, Cioci mixed luxurious fabrics with functional ones to create an eclectic collection that undulated back and forth between [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Diane von Furstenberg

13 Sep

DVF Spring2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld – For a woman who has built a lifestyle empire (which at last count, aside from fashion, included linens, home decor, fragrance – even a ping-pong set) on the foundation of the wrap dress, Diane von Furstenberg reminds us once again, she is a designer at heart.  The bohemian-meets-1960s Morocco-meets-downtown chic [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: J.Crew

13 Sep

J. Crew Spring 2013

- By Rebecca Prusinowski -  There were perky Florida pinks and floral prints aplenty at J.Crew!  Add some neon, and the 30 looks shown at Lincoln Center were so much tropical fun, we needed a cocktail with an umbrella please! We jest (the presentation began at 9:30am, after all), but not about our love for the [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Shows: Tommy Hilfiger

14 Sep

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2013

- By Rebecca Prusinowski – Go big or go home. That seemed to be the sentiment at Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2013 show. The iconic American designer swung for the fences with a collection exploding with red white and blue like fireworks on the Fourth of July. He used the patriotic palette on everything from tent dresses [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Thakoon

14 Sep

Thakoon Spring:Summer 2013

- By Loren Olson -    The hummingbird, buzzing between flowers as she samples their nectar, is a fitting symbol for the season. It is even more appropriate as the motif running through Thakoon‘s Spring-infused runway presentation. – Beginning in two dimensions, the bird appears first as a silk print, then raised as embroidery, before [...]

Exclusive: My Newest Project

13 Sep

OliviaPalermo Pikolinos Maasai

- In our often hectic and full lives, we sometimes forget how truly blessed we are, and take for granted things we believe to be universal and basic rights, like having food when we’re hungry, and medicine when we’re sick. We forget that there are millions who starve, and millions that die from easily treatable [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Marchesa

14 Sep

Marchesa Spring 2013

-By Diana Minnocci- Marchesa’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection was heavily influenced by India, an inspiration that resulted in a show of undeniable glamour and opulence. The opening look – a tunic, ornately beaded at the chest, cap sleeve, and hem, paired with slim-cut, cropped pants and gold-embroidered flats designed in collaboration with Christian Louboutin – was [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Lorry Newhouse

14 Sep

Lorry Newhouse Spring 2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld -  If Barbie was real, the closet in her dream house (in real-life, an upper-east side brownstone)  would be filled with Lorry Newhouse‘s Spring 2013 collection.  Newhouse’s vision for next season is lady-like and chic, yet playful and wonderfully whimsical.  Layers of tulle, lace, silks and satins were aplenty, all in [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Ohne Titel

14 Sep

Ohne Titel Spring 2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld – Reinforcing the perforated, sporty trend we saw for spring 2012, Ohne Titel showed a streamlined, more constructed version of the look for spring 2013.  Designers Alexa Adams and Flora Gill, inspired by the work of Jason Hackenworth and Karl Wirsum, used a color palate of color-blocked blue and black, an [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Rachel Zoe

14 Sep

Rachel Zoe Spring 2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld – Rachel Zoe’s penchant for 1960′s and 70′s nonchalance bohemian-glam, evident in her Fall 2012 collection, has been channelling Jane Birkin and Talitha Getty for Spring.  Citing the two icons as inspiration, Zoe showed a highly styled collection of strong pantsuits (of both wide and slim leg), embellished, slouching t-shirts, textured layers, and [...]

Spring 2013 New York Fashion Week: Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

14 Sep

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2013

- By Loren Olson -  Alberta Ferretti treated us to a luxurious form of pajama dressing at the Plaza Wednesday afternoon. The storied hotel’s Oak Room made a fine setting for a collection of intricate silks. It became clear as the show progressed that these were pajamas in fabric only, as the dresses, pants, high [...]

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Emilia Wickstead

15 Sep

Emilia Wickstead Spring:Summer2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade –   The exquisitely polished work of London-based designer Emilia Wickstead has long been a favourite for Team Olivia. Spring/summer 2013′s collection, with Truman Capote’s society swans as inspiration, only affirmed this fact further. Drawing on the effortless style of the impeccably chic sixties set, Marella Agnelli, Gloria Guinness, CZ Guest [...]

Snapped: At Matthew Williamson

16 Sep

Olivia Palermo Matthew Williamson

Hi Everyone! I’m in London attending the spring shows!  I’m wearing a skirt by Matthew Williamson, my top and bag are from Reiss, and my shoes are by Elizabeth and James.  Happy Sunday! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Snapped: At Topshop Unique

16 Sep

Olivia Palermo London Fashion Week

  Hi Guys! Here I am at the Spring 2013 Topshop Unique show.  I’m wearing a top and jacket by Simonetta Ravizza and pants by Topshop.  My shoes are Manolo Blahnik and my bag is Reiss. – Photo courtesy of  -  Follow us on Bloglovin’

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Rag & Bone

17 Sep

Rag & Bone Spring 2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld – Showing in both New York and London for Spring 2013, Rag & Bone is like the over-achivier in school that blows the grading curve for the rest.  In a departure from their more traditional show in New York, they not only gave Londoners their first UK store, but also what [...]

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Matthew Williamson

17 Sep

Matthew Williamson Spring 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade – For spring/summer 13 Matthew Williamson celebrated his 15 years in the business by reinvigorating his love of India. Inspired by the playful Holi Festival, also known as the Festival of Colour, a collection ensued where ombre treatments mimicked the the explosions of powdered paint and prints played tribute to the stunning [...]

Snapped: At Antonio Berardi

17 Sep

Olivia Palermo London Fashion Week

Hi Guys! I’m having such a lovely time in London for fashion week!  Today I’m wearing a top and skirt from Reiss, with a vintage Hermès clutch, Valentino shoes, and a belt from Burberry. Have a great day! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Topshop Unique

18 Sep

Topshop Spring 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade – Topshop Unique is evolving. Under the design helm of Kate Phelan, the high street giant’s premium line is striving to bring out the brand’s more mature side with spring/summer 13 a shining example. – Not only did this season’s collection mark a significant move-on for Unique, but it also cemented [...]

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Pringle of Scotland

18 Sep

Pringle of Scotland Spring Summer 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade –   Pringle of Scotland’s in-house team took the brand back to its roots for their first season in charge of design. Referencing their own long heritage as well as their famed 1950’s sweater girls, chic, subtly preppy looks came cinched at the waist with sensible skirt lengths and contemporary prints [...]

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Antonio Berardi

19 Sep

Antonio Berardi Spring Summer 2013

- By Nausheen Shah -  The first look is always a testament to the degree of brilliance the rest of a collection will embody.  And Antonio Berardi managed a smirk from even the shyest of editors when the first model turned the corner presenting a re-interpretation of luxury in sportswears many intricacies. Berardi graphically paired [...]

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Jonathan Saunders

18 Sep

Jonathan Saunders Spring 2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld -  Season after season, Jonathan Saunders refuses to be defined; continuously reinventing himself, and in turn, what we expect from him.  His Spring 2013 collection departed from the elaborate prints we saw in seasons past, replaced by hologram-metallics, knife-edge stripes, and “a  Michael Clark disco girl” inspiration. Saunders’ collection, one for the chic, [...]

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Mulberry

19 Sep

Mulberry Spring 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade -  This season Mulberry’s Creative Director Emma Hill chose the brand’s own rich heritage as inspiration. All the signatures were there – butter-soft leather, great accessories and some must-have outerwear. The venue for the show, London’s Claridges, was turned in to an English country garden, complete with astroturf covering the carpets and candy [...]

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Temperley London

19 Sep

Temperley London Spring 2013

- By Nausheen Shah -  Return to the feminine.  Return to timelessness.  ‘Return to Elegance.’ – This is the mantra that Temperley London evoked when presenting her Spring/Summer 2013 collection. – Gliding under crystal chandeliers in their Charlotte Olympia heels and their Cutler and Gross & Vintage sunglasses, models conjured up a female reminiscent of [...]

Snapped: In London

19 Sep

Olivia Palermo Fashion

Hey Guys! London fashion week has come to an end! Today I’m wearing a blazer from Reiss over a sweater from Esprit, pants by Hudson Jeans, shoes by Valentino, and my clutch is also from Reiss. Have a great evening! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Snapped: At the House of Burberry

20 Sep

olivia palermo burberry

Hi again! Wearing my massively large name tag at the House of Burberry (goes well with my Lulu Frost necklace, no?!). I had to ensure my identification was visible in case I got lost in the clothes closet!! I thought this was so funny; I just had to share! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Spring 2013 London Fashion Week: Burberry Prorsum

20 Sep

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013

- By Nausheen Shah -  Unlike most shows during London Fashion Week, Burberry Prorsum found a way for the entire world to celebrate their collection.  Through three simultaneous live shows, Burberry blurred the physical and digital to bring the event from the custom made runway in Hyde Park, to their new Regent Street flagship, to [...]

Snapped: At The Natural History Museum

20 Sep

Olivia Palermo Brazil Benifit

Hi Everyone! Tonight I’m in Valentino at the Natural History Museum for the Brazil Foundation Gala. – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Snapped: At The New York City Ballet Fall Gala

21 Sep

Olivia Palermo NYC Ballet

Hi Guys! Tonight I’m attending the annual New York City Ballet Fall Gala entitled,  ’Hommage à Valentino’  in honor of beloved fashion designer Valentino Garavani.  I’m wearing a Christian Dior dress, a Lia Sophia Necklace and my bag is by Valentino. – - Follow us on Bloglovin’  

Spring 2013 Milan Fashion Week: Etro

23 Sep

Etro Spring 2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld -  A designer that defines jet-set luxe, Etro reminded us just why it holds that title for Spring 2013.  A collection that went spanning the world, Veronica Etro gave us China, Japan, India, and Morocco all in 46 looks – and yet still managed to remained focused.  Flora and fauna hand [...]

Spring 2013 Milan Fashion Week: Marni

24 Sep

Marni Spring 2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld – If there was ever doubt in the saying “expect the unexpected,” it was erased from the moment the first look appeared on Marni’s Spring 2013 runway.  In a mostly clean and monochrome collection – certainly a departure from the line’s signature prints and vivid colors –  designer Consuelo Castiglioni chose [...]

Snapped: At Piperlime

24 Sep

OliviaPalermo Piperlime

Hey Guys! Today I’m talking fashion at Piperlime! I’m wearing a top by Rebecca Taylor, jeans by AG Jeans, and my shoes are by Manolo Blahnik. Have a wonderful week! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Spring 2013 Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta

24 Sep

Bottega Veneta Spring 2013

- By Andrea Mestrovic – It is the season of the dress – according to the faultless Bottega Veneta  lead creator, Tomas Maier.  For Spring/Summer 2013, Maier designed a collection jam-packed with the celebrated one piece, and yet there was enough frenzy for every one of his zealous aficionados. The show opened with a grouping [...]

Spring 2013 Milan Fashion Week: SW1

25 Sep

SW1 Spring 2013

- By Nausheen Shah – We are no stranger to the name Stuart Weitzman when it comes to identifying the man who has been satisfying our accessorized appetite for the last 25 years.  But Mr. Weitzman has decided to raise the luxe bar for us devoted girls and is now dangling a new shiny toy [...]

Snapped: At Dior

28 Sep

OliviaPalermo Dior

Hey Guys! I just attended Dior!  My outfit and bag are Christian Dior, my shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti, and my sunglasses are by Westward Leaning.  Now, it’s off to Africa! Have a great weekend! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week: Roland Mouret

30 Sep

Roland Mouret Spring Summer 2013

-By Diana Minnocci-   For Roland Mouret, fashion is a method of transformation – in his own words “magic” – as he intends for his clothing to offer its wearer the ability to become any kind of woman she so desires to be. For Spring/Summer 2013, the Mouret muse is transported to the 1980s, the [...]

Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week: Nina Ricci

30 Sep

Nina Ricci Spring 2013

- By Sarah Leigh Wade -  With his ever watchful eye on romance-meets-wearability, Peter Copping’s latest offering for French fashion house Nina Ricci combined the typical amorous approach to design with something decidedly out of their comfort zone. – On his quiet mission to reinvent Nina Ricci, this season saw the British-born artistic director inject [...]

Snapped: Behind the Scenes in Africa

1 Oct

Olivia Palermo Africa

Hi Guys! I’m in Africa with Johannes, shooting the campaign for Pikolinos as the 2013 ambassador of the Maasai Project. It’s so beautiful and inspiring here; I can’t wait to begin creating bags and shoes with the Maasai women!  Check out some behind the scenes shots from Day 1: – - – - – Follow [...]

Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week: Céline

1 Oct

Celine Spring 2013

- By Nausheen Shah – Phoebe Philo delivered Céline’s 2013 Spring collection with a message of change, contradiction and surprise. – Philo’s first statement rang strong leaving behind her signature color palate of bright oranges, cobalt blues and pony hair browns.  Instead, a much more subtle display of black, white and grey with pops of [...]

Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week: Christian Dior

2 Oct

Christian Dior Spring 2013

- By Andrea Mestrovic – It was probably one of the most crucial collections in the history of the brand.  As Belgian designer Raf Simons takes over Dior, after a ghastly Galliano exit, his first prêt-à-porter collection for the French fashion house had to heal, encourage, and uplift – but at the same time, bring [...]

Snapped: Day 2 in Africa

2 Oct

Olivia Palermo Pikolinos

Hey Everyone! Today we’re off to shoot at the Mara river with the Maasai warriors! – - – - – Follow us on Bloglovin’

Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week: Giambattista Valli

2 Oct

Giambattista Valli Spring 2013

- By Nausheen Shah -  Fresh off his first season of Couture, Giambattista Valli now has the luxury of separating his two inner design children, the over-the-top flouncy feminine and the refined tailored lady.  And that is exactly what he did. – Giambattista Valli’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection was chock-full of tailored pieces showcasing his craftsmanship [...]

Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week: Chloé

3 Oct

Chloe Spring 2013

- By Sarah Leigh Wade -  In subtle celebration of Chloé’s 60th anniversary, Clare Waight Keller remains on her charge of creating disciplined clothing with the label’s signature nonchalance and clean, feminine fluidity. Spring/summer 13 not only saw Waight Keller’s perhaps most sharp collection yet, but also the the Judith Clark-curated retrospective ”Chloé: Attitudes” open at the [...]

Glam Tip: Kicking it, Couture Style

4 Oct

Olivia Palermo Converse

In a world where fashion is knocked off, “designer inspired”, or just plain copied, almost from the very moment it appears on the runway,  owning something – anything – personalized and one-of-a-kind is automatically elevated to couture-like status.  If that something just happens to be shoes, we’re talking Holy Grail-like status. But who says you [...]

Trending at Spring 2013: Accessories

10 Oct


- By Andrea Mestrovic – Spring 2013 is a season of accents – some much more intimidating than others, but nevertheless their presence seems more critical than ever.  To start light, we are living and loving the transparent movement – Furla’s colossal hit, overlooked and forgotten since the brand’s 2007 bandage Perspex bangles – is [...]

Trending At Spring 2013

9 Oct


- By Teresa Greenfeld – After a whirlwind month of shows that began in New York in September and ended last week in Paris, Spring 2013′s trends were all but apparent.  There was white, white everywhere, as far as the eye could see; from the ivory to the snow, the structured to the sheer, it [...]

Trending At Spring 2013: Shoes

10 Oct


- By Nausheen Shah -  Platforms may come and go, but heels will never hurt me.  Spring/Summer 2013’s hottest runway trends starting with metallics and following through to prints have also managed to translate into next season’s collection of must have footwear. Metallics are in full swing for the upcoming Spring covering any part of [...]

Shopping For: Doctor’s Bags

15 Oct


- By Teresa Greenfeld – Fall’s crop of structured and lady-like top handle satchels have taken a cue from the prescription pad.  Mostly abandoned by physicians since the days of the house call, the doctor’s bag is a go-to favorite of the fashionably chic and hautely stylish.  Typically quite vintage looking, this season, the doctor’s [...]

Lines We Love: Brunello Cucinelli

20 Oct

Homepage Image

- By Nausheen Shah -    Brunello Cucinelli, a man who has found a way to take the ‘ordinary and make it extraordinary.’  Even with 27 years under his marrone python belt, Cucinelli maintains a brand that defines timelessness based on 3 simple points; luxury, comfort and most importantly, cashmere. Therefore, it is no surprise [...]

Lines We Love: Honor

16 Oct

Honor Clothing

- By Val Bitici -  As the creative force behind HONOR, Giovanna Randall has an eye for all things chic. caught up with the New York-based fashion designer for a quick Q&A just after she celebrated the birth of her baby girl, on the eve of her Spring 2013 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. [...]

Sneak Peek: Stuart Weitzman Spring 2013

19 Oct

Stuart-Weitzman Spring Summer2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld -    Pretend for a moment you haven’t the slightest idea of the trends for Spring 2013 (perhaps you’ve just returned from self-imposed spiritual seclusion deep in the woods, or you know, some kind of spa).  All you would need is one look though Stuart Weitzman’s collection for next season, and [...]

Snapped: In Paris

17 Oct


Hey Guys! Here I am in Paris – I’m wearing a top by Rebecca Taylor, jeans by Hudson Jeans, and a Tibi blazer.  My boots are by Report, my sunglasses are Westward Leaning, and my bag is Chloe. Have a great day! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Snapped: At the Boston Museum for Fine Arts

18 Oct

Olivia Palermo

Hello Again! I’ve returned stateside, and tonight I’m attending Mario Testino’s beautiful dinner at the Boston Museum for Fine Arts.  I’m wearing a Tibi skirt and cami with a Bird by Juicy Couture top.  My shoes are by Stuart Weitzman and my bag is by Rafe. – The beautiful table – inspiring, to say the [...]

Have a Cocktail (ring) at THE BAR

22 Oct


- By Teresa Greenfeld – Online shopping has its advantages (shopping in one’s pajamas at 2am being the biggest), but what it offers in convenience, it lacks in both immediate gratification, and sensory shopping – being able to touch, hold, and try-on. Enter THE BAR, the brand new offline retail store from online accessory mecca [...]

Lines We Love: Bionda Castana

22 Oct


- By Nicole Castagneto – Translating to “Blonde Brunette” British shoe brand Bionda Castana has been catching our eyes; its mix of femininity and edgy details, making for glam yet ultimately wearable shapes that span any and all occasions. Created by Londoners Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman, Bionda Castana begins the design process in London, [...]

Mario Testino: MFA Boston Celebrates the Man Behind the Camera

24 Oct

Mario Testino Boston MFA

- By Val Bitici Twerdahl -  – Two exhibitions of works by London based fashion photographer Mario Testino opened this weekend at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Displaying Testino’s broad scope and his eye for setting up and capturing beautiful shots, In Your Face and British Royal Portraits mark the first time the artist’s [...]

Snapped: Running Errands in NYC

23 Oct


Hi Guys! I have a busy day today, so comfort is crucial!  I’m wearing a jacket by DVF with a skirt by Bird by Juicy Couture.  My shoes are KORS Michael Kors, and my bag is by Devi Kroell. Have a great day! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Snapped: A Luncheon for Montblanc

25 Oct


Hey Guys! Here I am at the Montblanc luncheon for the launch of the L’Aubrac Collection.  I’m wearing a skirt by Tibi with a top by Jolie, and a jacket by Armani Exchange.   My shoes are Manolo Blahnik, and my clutch is by BCBGMAXAZRIA. – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Shopping For: Cape Coats

26 Oct


- By Teresa Greenfeld – In a fashion world where good battles evil, there lives a woman who has vowed to serve and protect the innocent from the atrocities of evil fashion.  Mild-mannered by day, she springs into action at the site of a signal in the sky – a sparkling beam of light, in [...]

Lines We Love: Nicholas Kirkwood

5 Nov


- By Nausheen Shah -  Throughout history, man has been known to reinvent all walks of life.   Some have chosen to reinvent the automobile, while others have chosen the bicycle.  Well meet the man who has taken the most basic means of transportation and reinvented it into a constant transforming piece of art.  His name [...]

Snapped: Meetings in NYC

5 Nov


Hey Guys! I hope everyone is doing well!  I’m headed to the office for some meetings today, wearing a jacket by Agnona over a Bella Dahl top.  My jeans are by Paige Denim, and my bag is Devi Kroell. Have a great week! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’  

Lines We Love: Olympia Le Tan

12 Nov

Cover 2

- By Nausheen Shah -  Pick a cover any cover.  Perhaps you are an avid reader and novels such as ‘the Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘Doctor Zhivago’ tickle your fancy.  Yet, what should be your library has become a makeshift accessories closet lining your ‘bookshelves’ with adorned handbags and clutches instead.  Yes, we all [...]

All I Want for Christmas is Shu

15 Nov


- By Priya Roy – From Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura comes the eye-popping world of Mon Shu Uemura; a charming make-up collaboration that will undoubtedly be scribbled onto the Christmas lists of fashion and beauty lovers everywhere. Following Mr. Lagerfeld’s announcement that he has long used Shu Uemura’s eye shadow to paint his sketches, [...]

Designer Tots

20 Nov


- By Andrea Mestrovic – Whether you subscribe to the designer tots movement or agree with the criticisms that the trend promotes elitism, two things are certain: these straight off-the-runway collections for the pint-sized are très adorable, and parents everywhere roster for the delish pickings. Some of our most beloved design houses were quick to [...]

Move Into Winter Beauty

26 Nov

Winter Skin

- By Wendy Rowe – As the days get colder, harsh winds gets stronger, and central heating is constantly on, you will start to see the first signs of winter take its toll on your skin. This sudden drop in temperature is a shock to skin, causing it to become ultra dry and dehydrated. Help [...]

Shopping For: Printed Jackets

27 Nov

Printed Jackets

- By Teresa Greenfeld – There’s nothing that makes a statement (and secures a spot on the best dressed list) quite like effortlessly donning a bold print. Many, however, tend to shy away when that print appears on anything larger than, say, a silk scarf.  Ladies, it’s time to throw caution to the wind and [...]

Fancy Pants

5 Dec

Cover - Olivia Palermo - Fancy Pants

- By Nausheen Shah -  Tis’ the season to be Fancy!  It seems the word “fancy” is always rolling off our tongues when the holidays roll around.  You may fancy a little bit of this or a little bit of that, but what you should really be fancying is a pair of “fancy pants.” Now [...]

Gift Guide: Little Luxuries

3 Dec

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

To kick off the season of giving, we’ve rounded up our favorite little luxuries; those completely impractical, yet totally necessary little somethings that just make us smile.   From designer umbrellas to bejeweled pens, there’s something that’ll bring that smile to even the most discerning on your gift list.  Because everyone needs a little luxury [...]

Gift Guide: Geek Chic

6 Dec

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

“Geek” these days, is a relative term – even the most un-techie-ist among us are synced and linked, and you’re more likely to find a gadget, a gizmo, or a doodad in a handbag than anything else.   Which makes devices – and the accessories that love them – the go-to, guaranteed-to-please gift for those topping your [...]

Glam Tip: Holiday Heel Survival

7 Dec

holiday party shoes

- By Emily Rahimi – The carols!  The cocktails! The twinkle lights! The achy feet! If dancing, or even just standing, in your sky-high party heels at this season’s festive fiestas make your soles cry “SOS!” here’s a weird (but surprisingly effective) trick: tape your third and fourth toes together.  Anything from scotch tape to [...]

Snapped: At the 2012 Elle Style Awards

8 Dec


Hi Everyone! Here I am at the Elle Style Awards in Istanbul!  I’m wearing a skirt by Marc Antony with a top and belt by Zara.  My shoes are Carolina Herrera and my bag is Charlotte Olympia. Have a great weekend! – - – Follow us on Bloglovin’

Gift Guide: Beauty

12 Dec

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone needs a little pampering, a little sparkle, a little shine, but beauty products are such personal items – it’s hard enough to choose them for ourselves, let alone for others.  So how do you stuff the stockings of the beauty-junkie on your list?  Our beauty-fied gift guide is chock full of  treats that are [...]

Sweet Eats: Holiday Treats From Around the World

11 Dec

Holiday treats

- By Val Bitici Twerdahl – This holiday season, instead of quelling the urge to snack on sweets altogether, why not embrace it by vowing only to eat the best of the best? To help you on your mission, below is a list of tasty, seasonal treats from some of the best bakeries around the [...]

Glam Tip: Wrap Star

14 Dec

Stylish Wrapping Ideas

- By Emily Rahimi -  It’s been said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about a gift. Sometimes, the thought and care you put into wrapping a holiday present can say just as much as what you’re giving. So why not make your holiday gifts as [...]

Gift Guide: Best Friend

19 Dec

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

She’s there for every panicked 3am “I’m never getting married” phone call, there with an array of accessories and shoes for every Big First Date, there to indulge in every champagne soaked brunch, and there to assure you that yes, him dating someone else clearly means he’s not over you.  Your best friend deserves to [...]

Gift Guide: Mom

20 Dec

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

For the woman who has the uncanny ability to psychically know when you’re sick, who can tell by the tone of your voice that you didn’t eat your vegetables, and who still reminds you to button up your coat.  Your mom always does everything for everyone, so she deserves to be spoiled – and our [...]

Gift Guide: Dog

22 Dec

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

All year long, our four-legged friends provide endless amounts of love, loyalty, and goofiness that makes us smile, even on our worst days.   And even if they show just as much excitement for a old sock as the do for a brand new cashmere sweater, they still deserve a special treat (or two) for [...]

Lines We Love: Aquazzura

2 Jan

Aquazzura Cover

- By Nausheen Shah -  In the jungle, the oh-so-mighty jungle, a kaleidoscope of exotic-skinned animals sleep tonight.  Albeit the pythons may be cerulean blue, poppy red, and chiquita banana yellow, but in the wild land of the shoe obsessed, it’s as if the gods have answered our prayers. Let us introduce you to Aquazzura. [...]

Glam Tip: Hot Buns

27 Dec


Once synonymous with toe shoes and tutus, the bun has become one of our favorite, and most versatile hair styles.  Chic and sleek with both the most formal of evening-wear and the most casual of jeans and tees, the bun is nothing new to many of us.  We’ve all twisted and wrapped on those no-time-to-shampoo [...]

Etiquette Guide: Thank You Notes

11 Jan


-By Diana Minnocci-   Letter writing, like fashion, is an art. In fact, etiquette expert Emily Post even suggested that, “the letter you write…is always a mirror which reflects your appearance, taste, and character.” For thank you notes, this may be especially true. A handwritten thank you is eminently tasteful; it demonstrates certain gratitude and [...]

Inspiration: Far East

9 Jan

Oliva Palermo Far East inspiration

I’m always inspired by my travels; the cultures, the architecture, and especially the fashion.   Recently (and with the fresh start of a New Year upon us), I’ve been drawn to touches with Far East influences.  From an intricately carved bracelet to a parasol inspired umbrella, they bring an almost zen-inducing, and certainly a global [...]

Snapped: At a Photo Shoot in NYC

15 Jan


Hey Guys! I’m in accessory heaven! I’m back in NYC – and back to work, wearing all Tibi (the Carine heels are so comfortable!). Have a great day! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Shopping For: Country Luxe

16 Jan

Country LuxeMariano Vivanco for Vogue Russia

By Teresa Greenfeld It’s funny the things that stick in our mind from childhood; a scene from a movie that becomes our idea of the perfect dinner party, a chapter from a book that runs through our head every time we dress for an event.  For some, an image seen while flipping through our mother’s [...]

How To Rock: The Coat

22 Jan


- By Stacy Igel – As some of you may have noticed, winter is officially here. If you’re like us, however, you may still be shocked to walk outside into it’s shocking temperatures – because yore still clinging to fall’s chic and limitless jacket options.  Well, ladies, just because the mercury dips, doesn’t mean you have to [...]

Vintage Shopping Guide: New York & London

23 Jan

Olivia Palermo Vintage

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade -  If, like us, you like nothing better than a good rummage amongst the rails of a vintage store come the weekend, then you’ll love our guide to a few of our favourite vintage hotspots in New York and London. We’ll let you know how to find them and just why [...]

P.S. We Love…

24 Jan

PCA Perfecting Protection

What do you get when you mix powerful skin protectors like Z-Cote, free-radical fighting antioxidants like caffeine and milk thistle, and hyperpigmentation inhibitors like licorice root extract, all within a skin luminizing sunscreen?   You get a revolutionary super-product like PCA Skin’s Perfecting Protection SPF 30.  This lightly moisturizing powerhouse evens out our skin-tone, while leaving us [...]

Snapped: On a Sunday

4 Feb


Hey Guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!   Here I am yesterday, trying to stay warm on a chilly NYC Sunday.  I’m wearing Givenchy sunglasses, a scarf by Paul & Joe, with an Agnona sweater.  My jeans are Henry & Belle, and my boots are Stuart Weitzman. Have a great week! xo, – Follow [...]

Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week: Jason Wu

9 Feb

Jason Wu Fall 2013

- By Val Bitici Twerdahl – Edgy femininity was the theme at Jason Wu’s Fall 2013 show this afternoon, with tailored silhouettes, cinched waists, and exaggerated shoulders dominating the runway. A sartorial addendum to the form-fitting lace and leather pieces that made up his Spring 2013 collection, Wu’s newest designs consist of bold cuts and [...]

Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week: Prabal Gurung

11 Feb

Prabal Gurung Fall 2013

- By Nausheen Shah – An Army of One, a fully embellished female exuberating her inner strength on the arm of her sleeve, the heel of her armoresque boots, and the fur of her lapel stood center stage at Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2013 show at the St. John’s Center in New York City yesterday. The [...]

Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week: Moncler Grenoble

11 Feb

Moncler Grenoble Fall 2013

- By Val Bitici Twerdahl -  Each season, Moncler Grenoble pushes the envelope with its fashion week presentation—who can forget the famous figure skating models at the fashion house’s fall 2012 show at New York’s Wollman Rink? This season’s show was no different. As VIPs and press gathered last night at Gotham Hall for Moncler’s [...]

Snapped: Heading to Marchesa

13 Feb


Hey Everyone! I’m on my way to Marchesa – I’m wearing a Marchesa jacket, with a limited edition necklace from Le Métier de Beauté. Next stop, London! – - Follow us on Bloglovin’  

Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera

14 Feb

Carlolina Herrera Fall 2013

- By Val Bitici Twerdahl – Consisting of glamorous, 1940s-inspired ensembles Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2013 collection would have made the most fashionable silver screen sirens swoon. Consisting of waist-cinching belts, sumptuous fur, and long hemlines, the collection is classic Carolina with a few surprising twists. As fashion royalty watched, the show opened with neutral tones of [...]

Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week: Donna Karan

15 Feb

Donna Karan Fall 2013

- By Nausheen Shah – If there is any designer who is allowed to add “New York” after their name, it’s Donna Karan. Always designing with a New York woman in mind, Karan went back to her roots and evolved her Fall 2013 collection from the very foundation that made her name back in 1985 [...]

Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week: Victoria, Victoria Beckham

15 Feb

Victoria Victoria Beckham Fall 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade – Showing a cool, confident collection for her ‘Victoria’ line this week during New York Fashion Week, Victoria Beckham had called upon beatnik androgyny for inspiration. With a more mature feel and like her main line shown earlier this week, great British sartorial tradition also played a part in proceedings. This [...]

Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week: Marchesa

15 Feb

Marchesa Fall 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade –   Showing a romantically theatrical collection – Oscar worthy indeed – Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig looked to Goya’s Portrait of Maria Teresa De Vallabriga on Horseback for inspiration this season. Marchesa are of course one of the go-to houses for red carpet season; their sublime offering for autumn/winter [...]

Fall 2013 London Fashion Week: Daks

16 Feb

Daks Fall 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade – Daks presented a forward looking collection for a/w 13 at London Fashion Week, kicking off Saturday’s schedule to the beat of Billy Idol’s White Wedding. Taking an androgynous 1970s Charlotte Rampling as muse this season, soft tailoring and nonchalant cropped shapes were a focal point throughout. In amongst a typically autumnal palette, deep [...]

Snapped: At London Fashion Week

17 Feb

Olivia Palermo London Fashion Week

Hey Everyone! Busy day of shows in London, and I’m getting tons of inspiration from the Autumn 2013 collections!   I’m wearing a Topshop jacket over a Matthew Williamson dress, with Brian Atwood boots.  I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! xo,       – - Follow us on Bloglovin’

Fall 2013 London Fashion Week: Preen

18 Feb

Preen Fall 2013

- By Teresa Greenfeld –   In a post apocalyptic world, one’s wardrobe must be chosen with care; presuming, of course, that chaos has ensued, and protecting oneself is the highest of priorities.   Or at least that’s how Preen designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi envision the end of the world   Inspired by Derek Jarmon’s [...]

Snapped: In London

18 Feb


Hi Again! London Fashion Week continues!  To stay warm on a chilly day of shows, I’m wearing a cozy jacket from Tibi over a Topshop blouse and pants, with a sequin tank, also by Tibi.  My shoes are by Monika Chiang, and my bag is from Whistles. xo,     – - Follow us on [...]

Fall 2013 London Fashion Week: Emilia Wickstead

19 Feb

Emilia Wickstead Fall 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade – For autumn/winter 13, London-based designer Emilia Wickstead paid homage to the accomplished female professionals of the mid-20th century. Drawing on those original female businesswomen, to whom elegant tailoring was paramount to the working wardrobe, Emilia presented a line inspired by the likes of Diana Vreeland – full of attitude and [...]

Fall 2013 London Fashion Week: Temperley London

19 Feb

Temperly London Fall 2013

- By Sarah-Leigh Wade – Following on from her spring/summer collection – an elegant offering of striped full skirts and symmetrical filigree on sophisticated gowns – Alice Temperley chose to develop the theme for autumn/winter 13. More structured, yes, layering options, of course, deeper tones, yep, but the sophisticated femininity and dedication to showing a [...]

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